Tickets Sales

Hello Brother's & Sister's,

The CAC executive at this time has decided for the safety of everyone there will be no sale of any kind of tickets. Any envelopes that we receive this week and going forward will be sent return to sender.

The team apologies and feels this is best at this time. We will update details on when we will be able start selling again when they become available.

Thank you for you understanding and stay safe.

What is Area Council?

AUPE's Area Councils are groups of union volunteers who organize, coordinate and run family-oriented union events throughout the year (in their spare time, after work and other family commitments) for AUPE members and their families. We also offer reduced ticket sales to AUPE members in the Calgary area.

Area Councils are the social arm of AUPE and we are dedicated to the pursuit of connecting members in a fun way! We are volunteers from various locals and chapters (different sectors, too) in Calgary and area! 

Please check out our Events page for current and upcoming ticket sales.

Come out to a meeting - all AUPE members are welcome to attend! Check our Meeting Dates for the next scheduled Calgary Area Council Meeting. Please come and join in on the fun. Come and meet the Fabulous Volunteers! Bring a fellow AUPE co-worker! 

Contact us at any time should you have questions, concerns, suggestions or other feedback.

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