Stage West Ticket Update - April 3, 2020

Stage West has notified CAC today Friday April 3, 2020 that both April 26 and May 9 Stage West Shows have been Cancelled and Tickets are VOID.

CAC will be cutting cheques to those Members who purchased Tickets.  Beware this will take time as Members paid by Cash, Debitand Cheque plus purchased both Adult and Kid Shows and maybe even paid on behalf of other members.

CAC working with HQ to get all proper paperwork in place (Auditing is important here) and this is a 1st for CAC, we have neverCancelled an Event before with Refund required.

Thanks for your understanding and patience in this matter.

CAC Executive

What is Area Council?

AUPE's Area Councils are groups of union volunteers who organize, coordinate and run family-oriented union events throughout the year (in their spare time, after work and other family commitments) for AUPE members and their families. We also offer reduced ticket sales to AUPE members in the Calgary area.

Area Councils are the social arm of AUPE and we are dedicated to the pursuit of connecting members in a fun way! We are volunteers from various locals and chapters (different sectors, too) in Calgary and area! 

Please check out our Events page for current and upcoming ticket sales.

Come out to a meeting - all AUPE members are welcome to attend! Check our Meeting Dates for the next scheduled Calgary Area Council Meeting. Please come and join in on the fun. Come and meet the Fabulous Volunteers! Bring a fellow AUPE co-worker! 

Contact us at any time should you have questions, concerns, suggestions or other feedback.

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